Almost 10% Of Americans Say They Go To Work Stoned

Here's one way to beat a case of the Mondays (and the Tuesdays and Wednesdays, too): According to a new survey from Mashable, roughly 90% of Americans might be taking this whole "going to work" thing too seriously. Of the 534 people surveyed, 10% admitted to using marijuana prior to heading into the office. Given how few of those pot-happy workers purchased the drug legally (less than 20%), it seems unlikely that these hardworking Americans were lighting up for medicinal purposes.
And, 28.28% of survey participants admitted to taking prescription drugs before starting their work days. (But, of that group, only 7% said they took the drugs recreationally.) The survey notes that most employers don't require regular drug tests, which might make it all the more alluring to have a Workaholics-style daily grind. Be that as it may, an overwhelming majority of both marijuana and prescription drug users said it was very unlikely that they'd go to work under the influence again. The group surveyed was approximately half women and half men, and roughly 67% had a Bachelor's degree or higher. About two thirds of them were between 30 and 60 years old — which leads us to wonder what Mashable's findings would look like if they included a younger age range.
Even if you aren't planning on getting high to prep for your next meeting, Mashable has another figure that paints an accurate (and much sadder) picture of many Americans' work days: 50% of over 5,000 Americans surveyed have gone to work hungover. Good thing tomorrow's Friday.

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