RuPaul Holds AMA, Gets His Amen

If there's one thing that tao of RuPaul stresses, it's do you. And, do you boldly. How else is one supposed to put the bass in their walk? By simply going through the motions? No, no, no. You sissy that walk, honey.
Mama Ru held a reddit AMA this week that candidly revealed what makes RuPaul Charles RuPaul. The inner-workings of his brain were on full display. He revealed his comedic icon (Joan Rivers), and gifted an unemployed fan a copy of Letting Is All Hang Out. Mama knows how takes care of his girls, and wants nothing more than for them to reach their full potential. And, these 10 highlights of his AMA are proof. Follow these and all you'll be hearing is "Shantay, you stay."

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