The Best Places To Take A Nap (Besides Anywhere)

Ah, the glorious art form of the midday snooze. Babies do it, puppies do it, but we definitely wish adults could do it more often. A 2008 report from British researchers highlighted in the Harvard Health Letter found that when it comes to coping with the afternoon slump, a quick nap is better than more nighttime sleep or even that beloved cup of coffee. Napping has been found to help you become more effective at problem solving and retaining information — as if we needed another reason for a power-snooze.
To take advantage of this lovely afternoon activity, location is key. The Harvard folks recommend finding somewhere that’s low in temperature and without lots of noise or light, which can be distracting when trying to catch some shut-eye. The perfect formula for an effective nap? Keeping it between 20 and 30 minutes long, so that you avoid post-nap grogginess.
When finding your perfect napping atmosphere, take a cue from Google and its MetroNaps pods. According to Shape, the company's headquarters boast futuristic-looking shelters that block out outside light and sound. And, the pod chairs recline back to optimize blood circulation, while a built-in music system by Bose soothes the napper into dreamland. The only question we have is: Are these available for wholesale?
Click over to Shape to see six more of these insanely cool places to take a quick nap. (Shape)

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