Spike Jonze Films Impromptu Karen O Music Video With Elle Fanning

Hey, sup. Nothing to see here. This is just a totally casual music video.
It's like, why make a big deal over an impromptu filming of Elle Fanning with a tinny version of "Ooo," the new song from Karen O’s solo debut, Crush Songs, playing in an empty Metropolitan Opera House?
Spike Jonze was just prepping for Opening Ceremony's Fashion Week presentation, which took the form of a one-act play instead of the regular old catwalk affair. (Totally casual.) He was like, "Hey, let's just make a video or something. No biggie."
Fanning's just super-caj, too. See her flitting around like a stoned butterfly, just feelin' the vibes. No pressure.
Who needs sound mixers? Not Jonze, not Fanning. It's just like, whatever, man. (Vice)

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