Zach Braff Redeems Himself On Reddit

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Zach Braff's crowd-funded film Wish I Was Here premiered just last month. The highly anticipated sequel to Garden State met mixed reviews, however — just for being made in the first place.
Some felt that Braff — a wealthy celebrity — shouldn't have used Kickstarter to fund his film. One Reddit user, MeInYourPocket, took to the Internet forum to air these grievances, writing "I totally despise the way he abused Kickstarter [...] a celebrity who has loads of money AND the connections to make such a movie happen by the big corps pandering for money to the fans." The user went on to accuse Braff of pocketing some of the money, suggesting the Scrubs actor isn't as well-versed in Reddit as he claims, and that he/she simply never really enjoyed him as a person, or as a character.
You've awoken a rather eloquent monster, Reddit friend.
Because, Braff showed up and responded directly to the user:
"Hi. The CEO of Kickstarter said in the New York Times that the project drove more traffic to the site than any other had and that the film had in actuality had the exact opposite effect of your rehashed and incorrect talking points. It had, as he said, 'A halo effect;' my fans joined and stayed and funded other projects." Braff wrote.
He continued, explaining that "The big corps had no interest in making the movie. I have not pocketed anything and will likely lose some money on the film I have dedicated 3 years of my life to...If profit was my goal I would go back to network TV. I may do just that again. That is where actors make money, not making movies about sad, out of work Jews."
As for the commenter's take on Dr. John "J.D." Dorian, the character Braff played for nine years, "You liked Scrubs, but not the lead character from who's POV the story was told and narrated? Did you not like Skywalker in 'Star Wars' or Parsons on 'Big Bang' or Norton in 'Fight Club'?"
Finally, Braff delivers the killing blow, "In short, I love this site. It's one of my favorites on the web. The only thing I don't like about it is the fact that people like you can spew hate for no good reason. Of course you don't have to like me, but there's no reason you can't be kinder and better informed. Hugs and kisses, Zach"
Someone give Braff a mic to drop, like right now.

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