Lena Dunham Is A Celebrity-Gossip Fiend Just Like Us

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 2.11.22 PMPhoto: REX USA/Rob Latour.
It's become gauche for celebrities to admit they love reading gossip about their fellow colleagues. The tabloids are a fanged monster that must be struck down with the might of a thousand swords. Or, something like that.
Well, it looks like not all famous people feel that way.
Noted pop-culture junkie Lena Dunham has made no secret about her fascination with celebrity gossip despite, you know, being one herself.
“I know that by reading them I’m supporting an industry that hurts people who are making art and putting themselves on the line,” the Girls star told O Magazine in a new interview.
In fact, some of the people Dunham's referring to are her good friends. Taylor Swift for instance, is a major tabloid target, and Dunham's bestie, which might lead to some awkward dinner conversation.
Despite the conflict of interest, Dunham doesn't seem the least bit perturbed.
“Still, all I want to know is who is breaking up with whom and who might be pregnant," she said.
The only difference between us and Dunham is that if she really wants to know who broke up with whom, she can just ask. (O Magazine)

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