U2 Invaded Everyone’s iPhones & People Aren’t Happy

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 12.20.55 PMPhoto: REX USA/David Fisher/Rex.
Unless you're Taylor Swift, selling millions of copies a full-length album has become a difficult task. Just ask U2, who forced its new record, Songs of Innocence, on over 500 million people this week.
Many artists — from Radiohead to Beyoncé — have adopted unconventional methods of releasing new music, but Bono and Co.'s stunt might just take the cake. The new album literally appeared on iPhones around the world this week, without the consent of users. As one might imagine, people are not happy with Apple's assumption that all iTunes users are U2 fans, and they've taken to social media to voice their displeasure.
"Hi @tim_cook my iPhone has a virus called 'U2' how do I uninstall it?" One irate fan tweeted.
"WARNING: DO NOT click on links offering free downloads of the new U2 album. They lead to free downloads of the new U2 album," wrote another.
One might think Apple's offering of free music might be cause for celebration, but it's not a new Rihanna album on us. When was the last time the Irish rockers felt relevant? Hint: It's been a while.
Nonetheless, U2 and Apple have had a longstanding relationship, and the tech giant has reportedly invested close to $100 million to market the new record. Luckily for unwitting fans, the album remains dormant in iCloud until it's downloaded. If it's already taking up valuable space, just sync your phone with iTunes and delete it.
Now about that Rihanna album... (New York)

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