Celebrity Nude Photo Bandit: My Privacy Has Been Invaded—Wait, What?

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 3.49.35 PMPhoto: BEImages/Jim Smeal.
Can someone please check if it was opposite day in Las Vegas, yesterday? That's the only explanation for the story published by The Daily Mail Wednesday, in which the man responsible for spreading the hacked celebrity nude photos claims that it's his privacy being violated.
John Meneses—the Las Vegas man who created the Reddit forum "The Fappening," which became ground zero for the illicit photos—told the U.K. paper that he's displeased with all the attention he's been getting. "I'm not happy about all this, but it happened," Meneses said, referring to a piece The Washington Post ran on him. "The Nixon administration couldn't stop the Washington Post exposing Watergate so what hope do I have?"
It's important to clarify that Meneses was not responsible for the hack itself, which makes him immune to any legal ramifications, a fact Meneses is acutely aware of. "The actual hackers are going to go to jail, there's no doubt about that, and they deserve to go to jail," he said. "But as for the rest of the internet finding these pictures and posting them it's already— out there."
Well, Mr. Meneses, there are many regrettable things that are already out in the ether. That doesn't justify their proliferation.
Despite his complaints, Meneses seems to be enjoying his newfound notoriety, and doesn't mind that some people have called him a "hero."
Mr. Meneses is certainly a lot of things. A hero is not one of them. (The Daily Mail)

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