Make Your Bed In 7 Seconds With This New Duvet Invention

novaembedPhoto: Courtesy of Crane & Canopy.
Making your bed every morning is an unfailing way to start the day off right. This much we know. Even just yanking up your sheets and throwing the duvet over can make you feel more put together. But, that doesn't mean it always happens. Often, the top sheet just ends up crumpled somewhere, and the comforter in a slovenly pile someplace else.
Well, now we have zero excuses to leave our bed a hot mess. Crane & Canopy released a patent-pending product that cuts the whole early a.m. habit down to mere seconds. Nova, a two-tone duvet cover, gives the polished look of a perfectly made bed, regardless of where the top sheet might be hiding. Pull up your comforter and fluff your pillows, and your bed still looks like a hotel turn-down service stopped by.
According to Crane & Canopy cofounder Karin Sun, 74% of women make their beds every day, but 45% of them dislike doing it. "Since bedding is just such a big statement piece in the room, we really asked ourselves how can we make that process easier. Because, no one has the time in the morning to make a perfect bed every day." Yes. You speak the truth, Karin.
And, because we all struggle to get our comforters actually into the duvet covers, Sun designed a zipper at the top for easy access. No more anger-inducing ribbon ties. Lazy girls, this one's for us. If you haven't bought yours yet, click through for a video tutorial on mastering your regular, old duvet cover (they're not that much work).

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