Lowell’s Words Are Her Wars

Elizabeth Lowell Boland kicked off 2014 with a five-song EP that singled her out as the pop-punk princess feminist we've been waiting for. Boland, better known by her stage name Lowell, didn't need some publicist to position her as a musician with a message. No, she wears it all on her sleeve.
Now, nearly seven months after I Killed Sara V. dropped, Lowell is gearing up to release her debut LP, We Loved Her Dearly (out September 16). It's a lush, synth-led 12-track declaration of identity; one that doesn't shy from the touchy subjects of drug use, industry toils, and LGBT equality.
"I was honestly fine before you came," Lowell croons on the album's opening track, "Words Were The Wars." Inspired by the end of an abusive relationship, Lowell proudly announces her independence. And, then did so again at R29 headquarters with just a sound machine, proving you don't need an army to wage a war of your own — just words.

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