Iggy Azalea Can’t Be Bothered To Lip-Sync With J.Lo

Is Iggy Azalea so fancy she doesn't even need to pretend to lip-sync? That was apparently the case at a recent performance with Jennifer Lopez when the rapper and pop star were performing their duet "Acting Like That" in Chicago. Iggy stomped around the stage and waved her arms along to J. Lo's portion of the song. When it came time for Iggy to drop her verse, well, she continued to do the same thing.
Azalea didn't even bother to put her microphone to her mouth and pretend to rap along as her vocals played on the sound system. Now, many of the commenters on YouTube videos of the performance say that her microphone wasn't on, and Azalea tweeted the same thing.
So, she didn't put the mic up to her mouth to at least pretend to say the lyrics because it might still look completely fake. Is that better than not even pretending to rap at all, though? After the song ends, Lopez joked about Iggy's lack of performing. "You know what? If you want to hear her rap, you're gonna have to buy the album," she says.
The audience already paid to hear her rap at this concert, though. And, didn't they just listen to a recording of her rapping? Interestingly enough, no one is commenting on J. Lo's potential lip-synching, given that the same track was playing the entire time. Technical difficulties, you are tearing us apart. (Crushable)

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