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2Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
Full disclosure: We love TV. So much so that sometimes we'd rather spend a whole weekend in front of the tube than dancing in da club. Is a lack of television service holding you back from feeling our joy? No problem! You can get by just fine on Netflix, Hulu, and the myriad other streaming services rapidly taking over the home entertainment industry (thank you, Internet!).
Some shows are just better when binge-watched. Whether it's the latest BBC comedy, a PBS miniseries from the '70s, or just that cultish show prematurely scrubbed from a network, we're hooked on the stream. Staying In(stant) is your guide to the best of streaming content. Each week, we bring you a show we're obsessed with and think you should be, too.
This Week: The Office, the show that will make you feel really uncomfortable — in a good way.
Where To Watch: Netflix

How I Got Hooked:
On a summer day when it was too hot to go outside, I stumbled upon an episode. Dwight was complaining that Jim had put his office supplies in Jell-O. The mock-umentary style and one liners from Michael Scott were like a one-two punch I couldn't turn away from.

Best Episode
"Product Recall," which is episode 21 of season 3. Jim and Dwight come to work dressed as each other, impersonating each other. It's everything.

Why You'll Love It:
It's got everything you want from a story line. It's got a few love stories going on (the Jim and Pam saga in particular will make you melt). It's the only show I've seen depict the humor and frustrations of generic office life. And, if you're into "That's what she said" jokes, you won't be disappointed.

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