Watch This Buckingham Palace Guard Let Loose On Duty

Everyone knows that the guards at Buckingham Palace aren't supposed to crack a smile, let alone bust out into a silly dance. But, apparently one Grenadier Guardsman didn't get the memo. Or, maybe he just woke up one day and decided he was in the mood to bend the rules a bit.
Much to the delight and confusion of the children in the crowd, this soldier initially breaks from protocol by walking in slow motion instead of marching. He then freezes and adds a few spin moves into his routine, really milking it for his audience. As far as street choreography goes, this stuff's pretty tame — but it's a far cry from the solemn demeanor demanded by the guardsman tradition.
According to a Reddit AMA with a member of the Queen's Guard from earlier this year, laughing while on guard duty will get you fined £200, so we're curious what might happen to this poor chap. Apparently, the Ministry of Defence is already aware of the video and is investigating the matter. We're just curious: What does the Queen think?

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