Jennifer Aniston Isn’t Feeling Jimmy Kimmel’s Friends Reunion

You can cut your hair, play a stripper, and sign up for a handful of indie films, but you may never shake your most famous role. Just ask Jennifer Aniston, who was made to relive her Rachel Green past on last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live.
Kimmel convinced the actress to read some Ross and Rachel fan fiction on an exact replica of the Friends set. Aniston played the part of reluctant participant to a T, though the skit must have been pre-arranged. Was she really that annoyed or just pretending to be?
Aniston passed on the chance to wear a Rachel wig (good call), but was a fairly good sport when it came to reading Kimmel's "dumb" script about Ross and Rachel making love. Cue "Wicked Game."
It wouldn't be a Friends episode if someone didn't burst through the door without knocking. In this case, it was Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow, who gamely recreated their original roles as Monica and Phoebe. In Kimmel's version, however, Joey and Chandler are dead and even Monica wants a piece of that hot Geller action.
This may be as close as we get to an actual Friends reunion, so kudos to the gals for playing along. Maybe next time at least grab Gunther for a cameo, though?
Video: Courtesy ABC.

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