Another Crazy Beyoncé Conspiracy Theory Has Arrived

Beyoncé killed it with her nearly 20-minute performance during Sunday's VMAs. But, it wasn't just the grand finale of MTV's annual celebration of music videos. It was the Illuminati's attempt to brainwash us into bowing down to its feminist agenda.
Conspiracy theorists have picked up on the fact that Bey's slay-a-thon was actually an "infomercial for feminism."
YouTube truther Mike Dice shared his take on the performance with the five-minute video "Beyoncé's VMA Illuminati Feminist Propaganda Exposed." But, there's little here that's actually about the Illuminati, and it quickly devolves into a five-minute misogynist rant where Dice basically tells ladies to get "grease underneath their fingernails," "learn how to cook," and calls Bey a "singing stripper." Pretty sure that's not what the Illuminati had in mind, but who's to say?
If this really were a takedown of Beyoncé's Illuminati agenda at the VMAs, Dice should have pointed out that she performed on a stage with a design that mimics the "666" symbol. Or, how during the "***Flawless" portion of the medley, her female dancers formed an army of robots, moving at her command while the word "Feminist" was illuminated larger-than-life on the screens behind her. Plus, when MTV chose to pan to the audience, everyone — even Rita Ora — was singing along. Now, there's the mind control.
Mark Dice wants to know who's the boss? Perhaps he should consult Baphomet. (Jezebel)

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