Here’s What Taylor Swift Sounds Like Without A Band

Taylor Swift is something of a magician. You're familiar with her escape-artist trick, in which she works out at the gym, but doesn't sweat or even appear to have changed into exercise gear. And, though she wears crop tops on an everyday basis, she seems to have made her belly button disappear. Presto change-o.
Her true mastery, though, is the art of illusion. Critics of Swift often claim she can't sing live. The New York Times hasn't shied away from calling her "painfully out of tune." Yet, she manages to sell out stadiums and garner industry accolades. Unfortunately for Swift, the jig is up.
Deadspin released a video of the singer's VMA performance from Sunday night. Except, her trick's been unraveled, because the video isolates only her vocals. And, you'll be pretty disappointed to hear what Swift actually sounds like without her entourage of band members, backup singers, and special effects.
Check out the full video on Deadspin. There's a hair flip at the end you can't unsee. (Deadspin)

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