Kylie & Kim Can’t Be Bothered With Ferguson Moment Of Silence

So, we had high hopes for the Jenner/Kardashian women tonight when they showed up looking gorgeous. Then this happened.
Acknowledging the very obvious fact that there's a lot more serious stuff going on in the country right now beyond just a bunch of celebrities sashaying down some red floor coverings, the VMAs had Common take the stage to take a moment for Ferguson and all the pivotal events going on in the Missouri town after the shooting of Michael Brown. Important stuff. Stuff worth listening to and talking about, as Common pointed out with true gravity.
Unfortunately, it seems Kylie and Kim do not agree. They were spotted allegedly checking their phones (what do Jenners and Kardashians even check their phones for? Urgent texts from Kanye? Notifications of the one billionth Instagram like?) during the meditative moment of silence. Here's the proof:
One word: tasteless. One more word: ew. And one more: sigh.
Let's hope this was one of those miscommunications or poorly timed moments or even an accident — but somehow, that feels unlikely.

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