Victoria Beckham Totally Fell Over During Her Ice Bucket Challenge

1vb2Photo: BeImages/Matt Baron.
Now that Anna Wintour has braved the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, there's nothing stopping the rest of the fashion community from following suit. Step right up, Victoria Beckham.
Posh Spice posted her challenge video on Facebook yesterday, and it's worth a watch. Not because Eva Longoria nominated her to do it. Not because Beckham dared Tom Ford, son Cruz, and former BFF Katie Holmes to follow suit. Not because David Beckham makes a cameo in the video. Okay, maybe a little bit because of David.
The reason we're hitting play over and over is down to the near-faceplant Victoria takes after being doused by two buckets of ice water courtesy of David and their three sons. Boys, give the girl a chance to finish talking at least! Luckily, the drenched designer managed to catch herself before eating grass. Guess all that yoga and Pilates comes in handy.
Anyway, well done, VB. We're sure Golden Balls makes one heck of a towel boy.

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