Celebrity Chain Letters Are Cooler Than Regular Chain Letters

It looks like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge isn't the only viral phenomenon getting the celebrity stamp of approval. Celebrity chain letters are about to become a thing, too.
The first one comes courtesy of the enterprising folks at Total Film. To kick the project off, they got Anne Hathaway to ask Kate Winslet the first question that came to her mind. "What is your favorite breakfast? That is my question," Anne wondered at the Rio 2 press junket.
When Total Film sat down with Winslet while she was promoting Divergent shortly after, they presented her with Hathaway's query on a tablet. This isn't your parent's chain letter, that's for sure.
"My favorite breakfast in the whole wide world, real treaty favorite breakfast, is Eggs Benedict," a totally game Winslet replied.
Winslet then asked a question to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb, and on it went. Along the way we learn that Andy Serkis' favorite meal is spaghetti with "rubbish cheese sauce," that Charlize Theron felt trapped by her looks when she began acting, and that Chris Pratt found certain aspects of shooting Guardians of The Galaxy a bit "freaky."
The good news? If this catches on, the often-tedious celebrity junkets will get an injection of new life. The bad news: Regular chain letters are officially ruined forever. (Total Film)
Photo: BEImages/Jim Smeal.

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