The Coolest Celebrity Backyards — As Revealed By The Ice Bucket Challenge

tomhiddlestonarticlePhoto: Via Torrilla.
Have you heard about the Ice Bucket Challenge? Just kidding. Of course you have. Everyone’s doing it. Even your mom, who’s usually three to six months behind on all Internet trends, has already tagged you in the video she made with her Zumba class. The ALS fundraiser has become an unstoppable pop culture movement, and we are but loose powder, waiting to be swept up into the snowball as it grows ever larger. (Though perhaps an iceberg metaphor would be more apt here.)
Putting aside the whole debate about wasted water, we’ve noticed another unwitting side effect of the Ice Bucket Challenge. Some celebrities' videos have provided us with glimpses into their worlds we otherwise may never have seen — specifically, their backyards. For example: Who knew that Tom Hiddleston actually lives in the quaint cottage from The Holiday? And, that Chris Pratt and Anna Faris have the perfect party setup you’d envision?
Ahead, indulge in a bit of superficiality and take a Cribs-worthy gander into these celebrity abodes. Please imagine all captions being read in Robin Leach’s voice. This is:
Lifestyles of the Ice Bucket Challenge Rich and Famous.

Tom Hiddleston
If you can manage to tear your eyes away from his pecs and abs (that white T-shirt is really working for him), you'll note that Tom Hiddleston lives in the English cottage of your dreams. Trellis covered in ivy? Check. He can 100% promise you a rose garden, too.

Ben Affleck
This video is total cute overload. Not only is Jennifer Garner the one dumping the ice on her husband's head, their adorable kids can be heard LOL'ing at the turn of events (parents can be so silly). Ben returns the favor by throwing his wife in the pool, and my, what a nice pool it is.

Selena Gomez
A grainy glimpse behind the house of Gomez.

Chris Pratt & Anna Faris
Honestly, how do we get an invite to Star-Lord's cabana?

Julianne Moore
Oh hello, in-ground pool on bucolic estate.

May we borrow your proffered ice bucket, O?

Camilla Belle
It doesn't look like there was any actual ice in those buckets, but we barely noticed with that beautiful sun-drenched lawn in the background.

Steve Aoki
Nothin' but blue sky and palm trees...we want to go there.

Robert Downey, Jr.
Just a grown man playing with his Thor doll by himself in the pool.

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting
You simply must tell us the name of the quarry where those stones were hewn, Kaley.

Jessica Szohr That view.

Bill Gates
Innovators gonna innovate...on gorgeous teak docks.

Joe Manganiello
Cue up the R.E.M., cause it's time for some night swimming.

Mark Zuckerberg
A bit overgrown with opportunistic moss poking through the cobblestones; this is exactly how we envisioned the Facebook founder's backyard.

Kate Upton & Justin Verlander
These two appear to be living in Audrey's "Somewhere That's Green" fantasy from Little Shop of Horrors.

Jim Parsons
Where, pray tell, did he get those beautiful Spanish tiles?

Vanessa Hudgens
Why yes, we will attend your alfresco cookout, V. Hudge.

Richard Branson
Is that Necker Island we spy?

Nina Dobrev

LeBron James

Ethel Kennedy
Greetings from Hyannis Port.

Stone Gossard from Pearl Jam
That's quite the picturesque house and dock, but for god's sake, put the check down, then pour water.

Denis Leary
Rolling farmland and a pool — this might be our favorite yard of all.

Either they're on vacation, or Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor, and their kids actually live on the set of Jurassic Park.

Britney Spears
That pool would be absolute perfection on a day like today.

Tyler Perry
"That's cold! That's cold! That's cold!" Yes, yes it is.

The cast and crew of Pan
This is only their temporary backyard, but how could we not include a video with Garrett Hedlund and actual pyrotechnics?

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