The 10 Best Celebrity Wedding Guests

There are those Hollywood familiars who don't respond to the RSVP, but you KNOW will show up the day of your wedding. Those A-list stars who mess up your chicken versus fish count, the ones who complicate seating charts, the ones who are only there to take selfies in front of your Champagne fountain. Celebrities at your wedding can be the worst.
But, a good celebrity who knows how to attend a wedding without the paps blocking the venue is worth her weight in Oscars. Every now and again, you'll get a movie star who doesn't just have a film in theaters, but also remembers that you are registered at Crate & Barrel.
Ahead, see which stars got a coveted invite to the event of the century. Well, second biggest: Thanks a lot for stealing my thunder, Brangelina. Just for that, you're getting me a Nespresso machine.

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