Lindsay Lohan Responds To Her Published Sex List

rexusa_2090430aePhoto: Rotello/REX USA.

Earlier this year, a source leaked a list of people Lindsay Lohan reportedly slept with.
Though several people on the list have spoken out about it — including James Franco — the actress has remained silent until now. In an interview with The Sun, Lohan explained the list was part of her rehabilitation.

"I wrote it when I was at the Betty Ford clinic," she said, adding that writing it was one of her AA steps. "The anonymity of that should never have been leaked — someone stole that and put it out."
Lohan said it was a "really cruel thing to do," — and, we agree. "It's a really personal thing that you do with one other person and no one ever sees it. So, that really hurt," she said. The actress also took the opportunity to confirm she won't be releasing any details about the list in her upcoming memoir.
It's really sad that Lohan is the victim of such a major confidentiality breach. And, although it's unfair she was put in this situation in the first place, she's handled it quite gracefully. (MTV)

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