Jennifer Lawrence Says The Darndest Things

It is truly a great time to be alive. Think about it: anything can be ordered with the tap of a finger, Beyoncé is alive, and Jennifer Lawrence/J.Lawr/Jlawr, America's nü sweetheart, is breaking down any and all of society's taboos. Nothing is off limits when she opens her mouth. Feces, butt plugs, copious amounts of food; you name it, she's most likely uttered some earth-shaking quote about it. She's the pretty girl next door with the mouth like a sailor. Some might argue she's a freshman college dude in a Jennifer Lawrence bodysuit. But, truthers know she's just being Miley real.
Word vomit is her thing. And, since prepubescent humor is also her thing, let's play a little game of Two Truths & A Lie to celebrate her 24th birthday. One quote is fake, the other two are real — guess which one is the lie. Use your noggin' and really think about what smidgens of J. Lawr wisdom await you on the next slide. May the odds be ever in your, erm, favor.

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