Taylor Swift Plays The Ultimate Nerd On “Ew!”

After smashing our hearts into teeny-tiny pieces with his emotional Robin Williams tribute Tuesday, Jimmy Fallon switched gears last night with another segment of his teen-girl-hysteria skit, "Ew!" As per usual, he enlisted the help of an A-list celebrity who could convincingly play a 13-year-old girl with a disdain for rice pudding and airplane mode. Fortunately for him, Taylor Swift was in town.
Rocking an abundance of scrunchies, a Scrabble-tile necklace, and brown leggings, the pop star joined the Tonight Show skit as Natalie Benson, the nerdy daughter of Sara's mom's friend. (And, yes, we're almost positive that "Benson" is a shout-out to Swift's favorite TV character.)
Tay totally nailed the part of a shy geek who indulges in collecting Band-Aids and snacking on apricots. We're pretty sure she actually drew that glitter-coated picture of a pegacorn (part pegasus, part unicorn). Oh, and that sneeze? Perfection.
Karlie Kloss' BFF also managed to sneak in two references to her fellow pop stars. First, Natalie admits that she's been forbidden to watch TV since Miley Cyrus started twerking. Then, she and Sara break it down to "Come & Get It" by her former bestie Selena Gomez. It's almost as if Swift has been rehearsing dancing like a geek her whole life.
Watch the video below to see Swift stretch her comedic skills. The "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" joke alone is worth it.
video: Courtesy NBC.

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