Weed: There’s An App For That

We are next-level spoiled in S.F. One-hour bakery delivery? Done. Shipments sent with the push of a button? You got it. In a land where flying drones are a real-life sighting, instant access doesn’t stop at mustachioed autos and hue-soaked bouquets.
So, of course you can get your ganja delivered right to your door with Eaze (no, not a typo, that’s the name). Perhaps equally unsurprising is the fact that it’s already getting shut down. Well, that was fun while it lasted.
Just like Monkey Parking (remember that app with a one-week shelf life?), officials are quickly bringing opposition to the weed-driven (literally) service that functions like an “Uber for pot.” The app, which is founded by a former Yammer exec, is being halted by the health department for an unfortunate lack of permits. Despite that setback, it seems to be growing in other cities. So, it's unclear if the ordering app will be around in the next 24 days, or 24 hours, but we're relatively certain those original delivery services (read: pizza guys) are loving it. Munchies, anyone?

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