Iggy Azalea’s Dirty Pop Past Has Surfaced

It's no secret that successful pop stars have had to sell some part of their soul to get the notoriety they've dreamed of. Hell, Katy Perry traded her last name and Christian rock roots for bubblegum pop tracks about kissing girls and unleashing the big balloons. And, yeah, hit tracks like "Call Me" are shopped around to various artists all the time before they ultimately find a home on Blondie's LP. No transformation, however, has been as head-scratching as Iggy Azalea's.
Leaked footage of the female rapper du jour's early musical career has surfaced, showcasing a whole new side of the "Fancy" rapteuse. Apparently, before Azalea was spitting lyrics about being "16 in the middle of Miami," she was a pop star channeling the ghost of Britney Spears' Blackout past (RIP).
The lost track is, rather ironically, called "Nothing Like Me." And, well, it's literally nothing like the foul-mouthed, southern drawl work that's helped her achieve a Beatles-like level of music chart success. Whatever happened between this undated track, her old record label, and now has been pretty hush-hush. No matter, though; just thank god it did because who else would've gifted us the catchphrase of the summer: "First things first, I'm the realest"? Oh, wait, probably another shoppable artist. (ONTD!)

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