So, This Is What Men Mean When They Catcall Women

BuzzFeed's latest video is taking aim at the d-bags who can't let a lady walk a city block without shouting out some lewd remark or ordering her to "hold up."
"Society makes me feel like I have to objectify you to feel manly." Tell us something we don't know, dudes.
The XX crew probably already knows that said guys are lonely, sexually frustrated, and uncomfortable about carrying on an actual conversation with a person of the opposite sex. But, at least with "What Men Really Mean When Catcalling Women," we get to hear them say it out loud.
As you can see in the video below, harassing women on the street isn't personal. It's just giving guys something to do, or a way to "look cool" in front of some dudes they barely know. You just happen to be the unwitting victim who made the mistake of trying to get some fresh air. It happens.
Guys, we're onto you. Time to come up with some new moves, okay?
Video: Courtesy BuzzFeed.

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