Meet The 9-Year-Old Who Thinks You Should Own A Pocket Square

Mr. Cory is an entrepreneur. He wears printed ties that hang gracefully in Windsor knots around his neck. He likes linen pants. And, with the profits he makes from his successful business, he gives back to those less fortunate. Yes, Mr. Cory is quite exemplary. Also, he is nine.
Though he may not be in double digits yet, Mr. Cory, CEO of Mr. Cory's Cookies, was brought to our attention this week when he told the Huffington Post a bit more about his very precocious fashion sense. "Presentation is the key to success," he said, before suggesting that every man should own a pocket square. Kids these days, right?
While it's perhaps Mr. Cory's cookie business that's most impressive — he started it in order to help his mother buy a car — his Instagram proves he has sartorial skills, too. In fact, he can layer, accessorize, and craft ensembles better than many grown men we know. Click over to see more of this pint-sized clothes-horse and his elegant style — which he aptly describes as "boss." Can't argue there. (HuffPo Style)

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