Rachel Bilson Is Very Pregnant

FFN_Bilson_Rachel_FF9_exc_080714_51497117-embedPhoto: WCP/FAMEFLYNET.
Breaking (but also not really): Rachel Bilson is pregnant. And, she's increasingly getting pregnant-er. That's silly, right? Well, it's actually not as ridiculous as some of the headlines we've seen about the expectant celeb. Here are a few notable ones. We're leaving the sources out for their own protection.
"Pregnant Rachel Bilson's Baby Bump Is Getting Bigger & Bigger!"
"Mom-To-Be Rachel Bilson Displays Her Growing Bump In Billowy Dress While Shopping."
"Rachel Bilson Keeps It Loose To Hide Growing Baby Bump"
"Pregnant Rachel Bilson Flaunts Big Baby Bump During Shopping Spree In L.A."
It seems that when a celebrity is photographed while pregnant, there are two angles for your headline. You can remark upon a scientific and biological fact as if it's your first day on Earth. Basically, find a catchier way to say, "Did you know that as babies grow, so do their mother's bodies, in order to accommodate them? That's what appears to be happening with this famous human woman."
Alternatively, you can comment on how the celebrity is using her wardrobe to either show off or cover up her body. She couldn't possibly have donned clothing simply for the purpose of venturing out in public, according to our societal norms. No, every look is a statement of flaunting or hiding, revealing or concealing. Just like onions, clothing has layers — literally and figuratively. Pregnancy gets deep, man.
Bilson's latest outfit, regardless of maternity status, is something we'd wear any day of the week. A comfortable maxi-dress, a chunky knit cardigan, checkered Vans, and neon sunglasses: Sign us up. You do you, Rachel, and eff the headlines.
But, also, good luck with the baby. We say that because unlike those other outlets, we know how pregnancy works. By our expert opinion, we'd say Bilson is almost ready to produce an infant. Science!

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