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She did not wed Dean, Jess, or Logan. Alexis Bledel did, however, take a page out of fellow teen stars Adam Brody and Leighton Meester's secret-nuptials playbook. Just yesterday, we had been speculating as to whether Bledel's Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants costar Blake Lively would be making cupcakes for her wedding to Vincent Kartheiser. It turns out said wedding has already happened.
According to E! News, the pair got married in a top-secret ceremony in California. Gossip Cop pinpoints the time of the wedding to June. But, does it really matter in this our darkest hour of imaging Lauren Graham making a tear-filled, sardonic speech to her TV daughter, knowing that we'll never see a video of the occasion?
The private pair, who met when Bledel guest-starred on Mad Men, got engaged in 2013. It's fine (and fitting) that they got married in secret; that's something we could totally picture Rory doing, too. And, since the real-life couple is so low-key, we'll just wish them the best of luck. May they have tons of babies with the bluest eyes the world has ever seen.
In the meantime, we'll continue with our fan-fic about Rory, Jess, and their three daughters. They now own the bookshop in Stars Hollow, and Rory also helps Lorelai coordinate TEDx talks at The Dragonfly Inn. She received the National Book Award for her first novel, a roman à clef about her life with Lorelai called Where You Lead (I Will Follow). (E!)

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