Azealia Banks Is Anything But ‘Reflective’ In New Music Video

Brace yourself: Azealia Banks is staging her comeback. Perhaps it's not really a comeback, per se, since her debut album never dropped. A second coming? Third, maybe? Honestly, she's been on and off so many times, it's become a boy-who-cried-wolf scenario and everything should be taken with a grain of proverbial salt.
This time does feel different, though. Her newest single, "Heavy Metal And Reflective," holds a lot of promise. And, the just-released video component does, too.
One could say this is a solid return-to-form. She has combined the western themes of "Liquorice" with the reckless-future vibe that peppered her more recent endeavors. It's no "Van Vogue," but at least now that she's free from her record contract, she's sticking to her own deadlines. Here's hoping she can put her money where her raps are.

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