This Is What Happens When Gay Men Draw Vaginas

Despite the best efforts of sex ed teachers and girlfriends across the nation, an accurate understanding of female genitalia can be hard to come by among males. That's what makes the Gay Men Draw Vaginas project so intriguing.
It all started when Shannon O'Malley asked her friend Keith Watson (a gay man) to draw a vagina. The result was just so speculatively creative that she knew they had to keep going.
The pair spent the last three years asking gay men around the world play genital sketch artist. And, the results range from fairly accurate diagrams to beautiful abstract drawings to...other. Just other.
While we always knew vaginas could be spotted anywhere in nature (flowers, trees, clouds), a few men proved they could also be found in the synthetical sphere (soccer ball, Easter basket, Cookie Monster's face).
O'Malley and Watson have been showing off the drawings in their "portable vag museum." If you'd like to see all their favorites, you'll have to get your very own full-color Gay Men Draw Vaginas book. And, the only way to do that is donate to their Kickstarter by August 29. If you're a gay man who would like to draw a vagina, consider this last call. Readers (gay, straight, male, female), we encourage you to try your hand at vaginal artwork and see what Freudian slips may emerge from the recesses of your brain.
Click on through for a very terrible anatomy lesson. (Vocativ)

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