Mandy Moore Is Proud To Be A Cat Lady

The age-old image of a sad, lonely cat lady has finally started to disintegrate — and rightfully so. If you want to have a cat, own your feline with pride. Don't push your identity issues on us, society.
Actress and singer Mandy Moore agrees 100% with this sentiment. She's a self-proclaimed cat lady who says that she and husband Ryan Adams have a whole zoo of pets at home.
Moore and Adams have been married for five years. People are constantly asking when they're going to expand their family, but they've actually been doing just that this entire time. "I have four adopted cats at home," Mandy tells Us Weekly in a video she filmed as part of Purina's initiative to help cat shelters. The couple also feeds three feral cats living in their backyard.
Mandy does admit to playing favorites among her brood, though. "We adopted our dog, Joni, when we were dating. I think because Joni was my first animal as an adult, she's just the apple of my eye. She's a total mama's girl."
Their "little zoo" does cause some problems, though. Due to of all the dogs and cats on their bed at night, "There's no way to have a connection with my husband because there's always animals in between," Moore jokes. Still, they've found ways to make it work. "We all just have to get cozy and snuggle in with one another."
A hearty round of a-paws for Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams, the most adorable pet owners of today. Ahead, take a look at Mandy's adorable cat lady Instagram snaps. They're pretty a-meows-ing. Okay, we have to stop now. Off to Petfinder we go. (Us Weekly)

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