Stephen Colbert Breaks Character, Offers Teens Heartwarming Advice

We know a lot about "Stephen Colbert," the staunch conservative character who hosts The Colbert Report. When it comes to the man behind the persona, however, not as many people know that he's a soft-spoken father of three. Stephen himself is the youngest of 11 children, so he's got plenty of life experience in watching kids grow up.
Colbert is the latest subject in Rookie's fantastic "Ask a Grown Man" series. "I'm honored to be considered a grown man," he says, before diving into the four questions he's been asked to answer. Stephen does the video as himself instead of the brusque character who hosts The Colbert Report. His responses are heartfelt, helpful, and come from an authoritative, yet kind, father.
Rookie doesn't pass him any softball questions, either. One writer asks why her dad won't let her sleep at her boyfriend's house (is it because he's close-minded about sex?).
"He may not actually be close-minded about sex. After all, you exist," Stephen democratically jokes. "Maybe he's embarrassed to talk about sex with his daughter because it's a very intimate thing, and that's not unusual...approval of a boyfriend is not the same as giving you carte blanche in terms of approving of a sexual relationship with him."
We know Colbert is leaving Comedy Central to host the Late Showon CBS, but can he also host a web series in which he continues to give advice teens everywhere? Stephen Colbert: America's Grounding Father has a nice ring to it. (Rookie)

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