How To Eat Even More Avocado Than You Already Do

Embedded_AvocadoRecipes_AmmielMendoza copyIllustrated by Ammiel Mendoza.
At this point, there's probably no need to sell you on avocado. It's a superfood, it's great on its own or with a well-salted chip, and you can even buy a backpack that's shaped like one. But, even then, what if you still feel an avocado void in your life? Try out a few of these sneaky recipe substitutions to reap even more of this fruit's magically delicious benefits.
There's still a month of summer left, and that means 30 more days of trying to use that popsicle mold you impulse-purchased. As crazy as it sounds, avocado goes perfectly with more conventional flavors — green tea and coconut popsicles become creamsicles when you add a ripe avocado. Pro tip: Adding in some honey will really bring your frozen treats together.
Or, if you don't mind heating up the house for some sweet (and healthy and vegan) baked goods, trying subbing in avocado where your recipe calls for butter. Not only are you switching out saturated fats for heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, you're also adding fiber, protein, and B vitamins. Try it with quick breads, cookies, brownies, or all three.
Click through for more info on avocado snacks and butter-to-avocado conversions. (Shape)

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