How To Stay Motivated For Your Post-Work Workout

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A long day at the office can make you want to check out. When even the idea of dragging yourself home seems like the ultimate challenge, how do you get yourself pumped for that visit to the gym — the one you promised yourself you'd make? Even though we may know what's best for us, sometimes it seems easier to come up with a creative excuse than to don our sneakers and do some squats. Never fear: Persional trainer Leanne Shear (along with some other fitness experts) is here to help you summon the energy that's been drained by your desk.
Sometimes, getting to the gym is simply a matter of tricking your future self. If your office is nearby, head over in your workout gear and leave everything else (your work clothes, laptop, etc.) at your desk, suggests Shear. That way, you reduce the temptation to bypass the gym and continue home.
If you're committed enough that you can leave to work out with all of your belongings and still make it there, Shear recommends other ways to prepare for the gym earlier in the day. Anything you can do to keep your energy up is key. Eating something with both carbs and protein sometime in the afternoon can give you just the boost you need. Most obviously (and deliciously), apples and peanut butter come to mind.
Click through for more simple and unexpected tips to enhance your post-work gym game. (Women's Health).

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