Katy Perry Talks Cultural Appropriation Controversy In Rolling Stone

kpPhoto: Courtesy of Rolling Stone.
Katy Perry has heard the criticism and now she has something to say about the backlash. The pop star has come under fire recently for multiple instances of cultural appropriation (the geishas, the mummies), which many observers deemed offensive.
In an interview with Rolling Stone, Perry tackles the critics head-on. "As far as the mummy thing, I based it on plastic surgery," she says in the revealing interview. "Look at someone like Kim Kardashian or Ice-T's wife, Coco. Those girls aren't African-American. But it's actually a representation of our culture wanting to be plastic, and that's why there's bandages and it's mummies. I thought that would really correlate well together… It came from an honest place. If there was any inkling of anything bad, then it wouldn't be there, because I'm very sensitive to people."
Perry also notes her displeasure about the increasing taboos surrounding cultural appropriation. "I guess I'll just stick to baseball and hot dogs, and that's it," she adds. "I know that's a quote that's gonna come to f*ck me in the ass, but can't you appreciate a culture? I guess, like, everybody has to stay in their lane? I don't know."
The cover girl also opens up about pregnancy and being bullied in school, which you can read here. (Rolling Stone)

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