Spotify Wants To Help You Up Your World Music Game

640Photo Courtesy of X5 Music Group.
Have you been meaning to catch up on the latest earworms from Ivory Coast's propulsive Zoblazo dance-music scene? Has it been ages since you enjoyed the delirious melodies of Sevdalinka (a.k.a. Bosnia and Herzegovina's traditional brand of folk music)? Does your idea of exploring different cultural genres of music involve the words "Gangnam" and "Style"? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then we have just the thing for you.
"Music of The World" is a brand new plug-in courtesy of X5 Music Group. It allows Spotify users to expand their musical horizons via an interactive map. Using data culled directly from Google, the map features over 2,500 playlists and albums that are characteristic of 220 countries, territories, and regions from around the world. The diverse selection of genres was carefully curated by a collection of experts from X5's diverse portfolio of music cognoscenti.
So, the next time someone tries to call you out on your lack of knowledge of Uzbekistan Shashmaqam music, you'll show them what's up.

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