Kesha Once Broke Into (An Unperturbed) Prince’s House

The Artist Formerly Known As Ke$ha once broke into Prince's house. But, how?! Was there not a labyrinth of velvet and jewels to traverse? How did she manage to sneak past the well-coiffed manservants guarding his special, golden cloud-gate?
Friends, do not ever doubt the powers of Kesha. According to her, breaking into Prince's abode was "easy." She told the tale while visiting every celebrity's favorite human being, Jimmy Fallon; the "We R Who We R" singer recalled that one time she "cruised up in [her] dead grandpa's car," slipped the gardener five bucks, hiked up the mountain, and waved her demo CD at Prince before exiting.
Okay. Two things: One, Prince would live on top of a mountain. And two, Kesha would be the one to stumble upon an unsuspecting Prince and find him completely unfazed. The whole anecdote is exactly as bonkers as we'd expect. See for yourself, below.

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