Has The Hunger Games Made Trailer Reviews A Thing?

hunger gamesPhoto: Courtesy of Lions Gate Entertainment.
Though two teasers for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay trailer have already been released, the actual trailer just debuted at Comic-Con this week. It won't be available online until Monday — but, that doesn't mean we can't talk about it, dissect it, and critically review it. Because, that's what's happening over at Vulture, where an article as long as a movie review (albeit a short one) is up, examining this tiny sneak-peek into the film. This is what the world has come to: reviews of trailers.
But, we can't blame Vulture, because this is a larger problem. The hype-machine is bigger than us all. We fed it, loved it, cut its grapes in half, read it bedtime stories, and sent it to the best schools. And, this, this is how it repays us. We work for it now. It's like Panem itself. We feed it, and in return, it feeds us. If we stop, everything ever written about the The Hunger Games — reviews, trailer reviews, even the books themselves! — will implode. There will be letters everywhere (on the ground, in our hair) and we'll have to put them back together again. So, let's accept that trailer reviews are the way of the future. And, the future is now. Welcome! (Vulture)

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