Major Game Of Thrones Casting News Everyone!

keishaPhoto: BEImages/Jim Smeal.
As we breathlessly try and catch up with all the news coming out of San Diego, the biggest Comic-Con bomb may have just dropped. In their master plan to make Game of Thrones chatter last all year long, HBO just announced nine new cast members who will be joining the show for its fifth season.
Based on the upcoming set of new characters, it appears that the aftermath of Prince Oberyn Martell's death-by-gouging will play a big part next season.
Keisha Castle-Hughes of Whale Rider fame (pictured left) will play Martell's eldest daughter Obara Sand, who is described as a "fearsome warrior," one who will no doubt be looking to avenge the death of her father. Her uncle, Doran Martell, the "even-tempered and deliberate ruling lord of Dorne," will be played by 24 actor Alexander Siddig.
Other members of the Martell clan will be played by UK actress Jessica Henwick as Oberyn's daughter Nymeria Sand, Rosabell Laurenti Sellers (The Whistleblower) as her dagger-wielding sister Tyene Sand, and newcomer Toby Sebastian as their cousin Trystane Martell. Your Highness actor DeObia Oparei will play Areo Hotah, the "long-serving captain of Doran Martell’s palace guard, renowned for his loyalty and his longaxe.”
prycePhoto: REX USA/Julian Makey/Rex.
Rounding out the Dorne clan will be newcomer Nell Tiger Free who will replace actress Aimee Richardson as Myrcella Baratheon. The last time we saw Cersei and Jamie's daughter, she was being shipped off to Dorne against her will. Now that her family is directly responsible for the death of their beloved prince, we're guessing Myrcella's future in Dorne just got bleak.
Outside of Westeros' southern enclave, we'll see the introduction of the High Sparrow, a virtuous religious leader played by the veteran British thespian Jonathan Pryce (pictured left). "A devout and pious man, the High Sparrow came to King’s Landing to serve those forgotten by much of the world — the poor, the downtrodden and the infirm — and quickly amassed a large following," reads HBO's official description of the character.
Last but certainly not least is Enzo Cilenti (Rome, Prisoners Wives) as Yezzan, a once wealthy slave trader who is set to tangle with with Khalessi.
Er, good luck dude. (Entertainment Weekly)

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