The Walking Dead Trailer In One Word: EXPLOSIVE!

When judging the effectiveness of a good trailer, ask yourself: How many times did I watch it in a row? The count for the brand new The Walking Dead trailer stands at six — and would be at seven if we didn't have to write this article.
While the world waits for the first Mockingjay trailer to emerge from the sunny confines of Comic-Con, AMC went ahead and satisfied our craving with three and a half minutes of delirious action. In other words, season five of The Walking Dead looks totally nucking futs.
When we last saw Rick and his not-so-merry band of zombie killers, they were being held captive by a crew of extremely famished cannibals. Logic would have them going toe-to-toe with the aspiring Hannibal Lecters all season long. But, if the new footage is any indication, our heroes eventually partner with their would-be foes for a mission to save humanity. Naturally, zombies get in the way.
Season five of The Walking Dead premieres October 12. Check out the guns, ghouls, and gore below.

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