Game Of Thrones Emoji Are The Best Emoji

There hasn't been a cultural phenomenon like Game of Thrones since the Harry Potter books first turned bespectacled boy wizards into a thing. But, HBO's fantasy epic has so permeated the culture that if you're not all in on Westeros then you're not all in on Westeros.
By decade's end we're going to see GoT hair gel, GoT chipotle mayo, GoT hibachis, and GoT kumquat marmalade. Game of Thrones prophylactics are coming, too.
For now, we'll have to make due with GoT emoji, which come courtesy of Elite Daily. While the pictograms aren't yet available for actual use, it's only a matter of time before Khaleesi et al. take over your smartphone. Feeling hungry? Send Arya Stark. In a fit of rage? Send King Joffrey. About to wage war on the entire human race? A few White Walkers should do the trick. Unfortunately there's no Ned Stark for those times you feel like you're losing your head.
Click through to see your favorite Westerosi in emoji form.

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