Matthew McConaughey Debuts Epic Interstellar Trailer At His First Comic-Con

Matthew McConaughey was a virgin until yesterday. So was Christopher Nolan. That alone could explain the raucous reception the actor and director received during their first surprise appearance at Comic-Con. McConaughey wasn't merely there to say "Alright, alright, alright" to the cheering crowd, though. He had journeyed to the hallowed Hall H to drop some more tantalizing details about Nolan's new sci-fi mindfuck, Interstellar.
The first official trailer for the film whet our appetites in May, but Nolan was still extremely withholding when it came to plot details. He was finally ready to talk at Comic-Con.
"What we know is that the world is on the brink [of destruction] after climate change takes its toll on the planet, and McConaughey plays an engineer who teams up with a group of other researchers and astronauts (including Anne Hathaway) on a scientific mission to save the rest of us, leaving behind family that doesn’t know if they’ll ever see their loved ones again," reports Entertainment Weekly, whose editor Matt Bean moderated the panel.
This isn't Snowpiercer, though. "The story was inspired by the theoretical physicist Kip Thorne," EW adds. It delves into the concept of wormholes in space that allow humans to travel through time and the universe. In other words: If you thought Inception and its dreamworlds were mind-blowing, get ready to have your galaxy rocked.
This new trailer reveals a little bit more about those plot points and continues to promise signature Nolan awesomeness. Ground control to Major McConaughey: Commencing countdown to November 7. (Entertainment Weekly)

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