Get Ready: Selfie Toast Is A Thing

One of these days, you'll be crashing at a friend's place and she'll innocently ask if you want a piece of toast. As she passes the plate, you'll jump back in shock. Is that the virgin Mary on your golden, buttery bread? No, it's just a #selfie burned into the slice. Reminiscent of the Hello Kitty toasters we all wanted way back when (last year) there's now an appliance that can sear your face onto a piece of bread. For you to eat.
Like all history-making innovation, this invention didn't come to be overnight. The team at The Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation has been working tirelessly to make selfie toast a reality for us all. Its founder, Galen Dively, has been producing sports-team logo versions for four years, but always longed to create custom toasters. We all want to reach for the stars, right?
The process seems pretty seamless. All you have to do is upload your lovely mug to the site and the CEO himself will use his Photoshop skills to erase the background and outline your profile. Next, he'll craft a custom plate. Soon after, you (or your nearest and dearest) will be popping up on the daily. With the $4 toast trend finally fizzling out, this could just be the next restaurant novelty. But, if we're paying that brunch mark-up,we'd kind of prefer selfie French toast, to be quite honest.
At $75, the gadget makes for an expensive gag gift, but we can think of one practical use for it: having Ryan Gosling or the world's hottest felon pressed into our carbs. They just better get along well with organic raspberry jam.

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