Katy Perry Is Becoming An Asparagus Spear

Katy Perry is Picasso-ing. That's the term we just coined for being obsessed with one color for a period of time, and then switching to a completely different monochromatic focus for another. After Picasso's Blue Period came his rose one. After Katy Perry's Blue Period (which coincided with her voicing Smurfette in the latest film adaptation), she's transitioning into a green one.
Perry currently has chartreuse hair, and the hue is now taking over her outfit choices. She wore this interesting ensemble to tour a Canadian pioneer village this weekend. In the snap from her visit she posted on Instagram, she's wearing a dunce cap that coordinates perfectly with her Green Period ensemble. It also, for lack of a better description, makes her look like an asparagus spear.
But, asparagus is delicious and healthy. There are worse long, thin foods to which to be compared. Now, the only question is: To what color will Katy Perry Picasso next? (ONTD!)

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