The Pitch Perfect 2 Cast Crushes It On Instagram

The Pitch Perfect 2 set is basically a full-time slumber party. We now have visual confirmation of said fact. The Barden Bellas were already an unofficial sorority, and this photo Anna Kendrick shared yesterday fueled a thousand more cliché fantasies. The cast is having a pillow fight, for crying out loud. They're wearing (somewhat) skimpy pajamas. This movie about a college a cappella group just became a film for everyone. Not that it wasn't before — Pitch Perfect was aca-awesome.
Kendrick captioned the snap, "All these bitches wrap tomorrow and leave me behind...... I totally HATE them." Yeah, it looks like Anna and the girls are mortal enemies. That's why their smiles are so big this could double as a toothpaste ad.
Since we can't actually star in Pitch Perfect 2, please take a virtual stroll with us as we live vicariously through the cast's final Instagrams from the set. You won't be aca-disappointed. Fine, that one doesn't work. Aca-upset?
This is getting aca-awkward. Let's just get to the photos.

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