Walk On By: The Zarafication Of Fashion Photography

When you spend as much time e-shopping Zara as we do, you know its signature photography style like your own heartbeat. A makeup-free model strides purposefully across the room in a diagonal line. She is often lank-haired, rarely smiling, and always, always in a white or slate-gray room. At times, she seems preoccupied with her own thoughts, staring blankly into far corners of the room as her hair falls in front of her eyes. It's a bit like a Chloé ad, and a lot like having a front row seat at a runway show starring America's Most Disaffected Models.
And, over the past few months, we've noticed lots of our other favorite e-shops following suit with their photography style. Forever 21, once home to fun-lovin' gals in hot-pink lipstick and club dresses to match, now features moody minimalists avoiding any semblance of eye contact. Mango, which once proudly featured your standard models-with-half-faces, now shows them in their full, bored-in-a-photo-studio glory. Even the Nasty Gals are slowly abandoning their Miley buns for center parts and pouts (et tu, Nasty Gals?).
Dear readers, even we aren't immune to the seductive siren song of Zaratography. Ahem, does this photo shoot remind you of any gritty, urban-jungle themed lookbooks you've seen lately?
Hit the slides ahead to prove it's not just us — the whole fashion world's gone Zara-fied. But, word to the wise: Zara's already outpacing all of us imitators, with a most shocking twist on its signature style. The brand's actually letting its models smile now. Always a step ahead.

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