What Nutritionists ACTUALLY Eat Every Day

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and if we’re going to be copycats, we might as well mimic people who actually know what they’re doing. Think about it: We take our fashion cues from designers, and we look to see what interior decorators are doing with their own homes. So, why not flatter dietitians next by adopting their undoubtedly healthy eating habits? Sure, they may offer their services to professional athletes and Silicon Valley bigwigs — but nutritionists need to eat, too. It turns out, their everyday diets are pretty simple and maybe not too different from our own. The best part? They'll even own up to eating chocolate.
Let’s get the not-so-surprising stuff out of the way: Nutritionists love eating green things. Luckily, there are a lot of contestants in the "green" category, from smoothies to arugula to the cruciferous crew (Brussels sprouts, bok choy, and kale). Of course, the universal support for all this rabbit food comes from a smart place; leafy greens are packed with nutrients and are associated with lowering your risk of cancer. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re such a versatile food (you can up your kale quotient in salad, stew, smoothie, or chip form).
The nutrition gang goes on to name a few more expected items: Eggs (in all their protein-laden glory), almonds and pistachios (for their healthy fats), and Greek yogurt made it onto the list as well. The curveballs? One nutritionist gave coffee a shout-out, thanks to its all-encompassing (brain, skin, heart) health benefits; another described her go-to breakfast of oatmeal and organic milk. It’s interesting to learn that not all health-inclined people have made the switch from good ol’ cow’s milk to one of the countless dairy-free options on the market.
All you would-be nutritionist copycats, click through to see what else to eat. Women’s Health.

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