You’ll Never Guess What This House Is Made Of

On the outside, this house is a ho-hum, industrial-looking abode. Inside, it's filled to the top with junk. There are 4,000 VHS cassettes, two tons of jeans, and 19,800 toothbrushes (among other items), and no, it's not on an episode of Hoarders. All that stuff is inside the walls. The Brighton Waste House, located at the University of Brighton in the U.K., is a new experiment to use waste or recycled materials as the sole insulation in walls. According to architect Duncan Baker-Brown, the idea is "that there is no such thing as waste, just stuff in the wrong place." Over the next few years, university students will observe the quality of the exterior walls to see if plastic can be a sustainable insulation material.
And, it's not just the frame that's eco-friendly. The entire house was constructed from either recycled, scrap, or unused materials from other construction sites. The team used 500 bike tires to seal windows and soundproof the first floor and 2,000 used carpet tiles to cover the floor and walls. Click through for photos of the interior and a look into the walls themselves. Get familiar, this may just be a prototype for sustainable living in the future.

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